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Miso-Curry Delicata Squash

I know butternut squash get a lot of the limelight this time of year, but there is such a wide world of winter squash out there. Kabocha, hubbard, acorn, spaghetti, kuri, turban…an astonishing variety of shapes, tastes, textures, all of them worth making friends with. I must say, though, that I was especially excited to […]

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Beet Hummus

I think everyone must have at least one food that they tend to buy out of a sense of duty. I never need to say to myself, “I ought to eat kale,” or “I really should have mushrooms sometime,” or “Those local strawberries are probably full of antioxidants—I should eat some.” Beets, now—that’s another story. […]

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Leeks and Rice with King Oyster Mushroom Bacon

One of the odd things about moving is that you can, without noticing it, drop habits have been ingrained for years. Something that has become so natural that you never even think about it is missing; you can feel that this is so, but the habit has been out of your conscious mind for so […]

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Fusilli with Roasted Artichokes

The last hotel we stayed at in Greece this past summer was outside of Nafplion in some farmland. There were some sheep across the road, and behind the parking lot—mainly occupied by a the vehicles of a group of middle-aged British holiday-makers on a motorbike tour of Greece—was a big field of artichokes. How strange […]

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Sultan’s Carrot Salad

I may possibly be a tad obsessed with carrots. Particularly in the form of salad. Although a redhead, I never suffered the indignity of Anne Shirley’s nickname, but, even without the red hair, I would fully merit the moniker ‘carrots.’ Every night for years, I would have, in lieu of dessert, a salad of ginger […]

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Seared Salmon with Chanterelle Risotto

Over the past few days I’ve been blessed to be cooking and eating with others, small gatherings joining together for what one young man, a participant in the first of this series of meals, termed “a nice family dinner.” Three or four sitting together, sharing food and conversation—I find this magical, every time it happens. […]

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Pesto Hummus

Summer blossoms. The insects’ drone. Bright sun breaking through the trees. A wealth of basil, and a morning alone to do what I will with it. Pesto was requested, with plans to make hummus later on, but why not combine the two? It’s summer, after all—time to explore.

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Strawberry Crumble

I’ve been having a lot of discussions lately about learning to take care of yourself. It’s easy to forget, when people around you need someone to lean on, that you need to make time for yourself, take time to make sure there’s someone left to lean on. At the same time, you can’t always being […]

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Chanterelle Risotto

This week was our first taste of fall. My new apartment has no internet, and I rarely have the foresight to check the next day’s weather at school before I leave for the evening, so I was rather surprised last Sunday to find myself shivering in a sundress and sweater, the the temperature hovering around […]

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Breakfast Quinoa with Egg and Asparagus

  I have been told on several occasions that I eat Weird Breakfasts. From a certain perspective, I am guilty as charged. Leftover noodles, tomato soup, dal on toast—these are not what one could call typical items on the average North American breakfast table. I prefer to look at it as reclaiming an space in which […]

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