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Indian Hash Browns

One of the things finding out I’m gluten intolerant has pushed me to do is pay attention to potatoes. I don’t dislike potatoes; on the contrary, one of my favourite winter meals is a piping hot baked potato stuffed with plenty of vegetables and cheese. But potatoes were never a food I thought about very […]

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Fiddleheads with Garlicky Hash Browns

After an unseasonably warm March and early April, the local weather gods of Montreal have woken up and decided to reassert their authority. There was snow on Mount Royal yesterday morning, and a tracing of ice on my balcony. It’s been blustering steadily for days, with on-again, off-again rain. But it is only now that […]

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Spanish Tortilla with Roasted Red Pepper and Olive Tapenade

When I hear the word tortilla, I think about California. I think about watching the tortilla maker shape golden dough into paper-thin disks and baking them. I think about Diego Rivera, and burritos, and the way my sister always seems to make quesadillas when it’s her turn to cook dinner. I definitely don’t think about […]

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