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Sweet Potato Cookies

There was one year when I practically subsisted on sweet potato cookies. A batch of them would appear approximately once a week, the colorful, raisin-flecked cookies cooling in neat rows on the rack, then stowed away in a tin for safekeeping. Usually I would make them; sometimes my mother or sister would take on the […]

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Sweet Potato Hummus

A great joy over the past few months has been how ready everyone has been, not just to accomodate new-found food intolerances, but to help me find my feet in a gluten-free world. Before an event, whether a small gathering at a friend’s house or some larger function for the department at school, I’ll be […]

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Moroccan Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry

I feel this too and yet I cannot play the coward in this war my heart does not allow it for always I have learned to fight but in my heart and in my mind I know a day will come when Ilion falls and Priam and his people it’s not their pain that pains me not […]

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Sweet Potato Tortilla with Coconut-Cumin Raita

When my sister and I were small, we would often sing a song: when we all do eat sweet potatoes sweet potatoes sweet potatoes when we all do eat sweet potatoes, eat ‘em right straight up! Given that neither of us would touch sweet potatoes with a bargepole, our passion for this song both amused […]

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Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Goat Cheese, Apple, and Kale

Sweet Potato Salad

March is such an odd month. It feels desperately like it ought to be spring, but somehow there’s a blizzard and it’s -16°C outside. There are some good things about this: it gives you a chance to squeeze in all those snowball fights and skating parties that you’ve been meaning to have but never quite […]

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